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La Tacita

Tenuta La Tacita Location per Matrimoni Roma

La Tacita means nature and beauty

A bucolic and countryside landscape with more than 800 trees as centuries old olive trees, traditional cypresses, giant sequoias, leafy poplars, shady alders and a vast wood of oaks on the Monsanto hill: 130 hectares of unspoiled woodland in Sabina. The family owning La Tacita feels the responsibility of managing this wonderful part of Sabina and respect the environment. They are sensitive to sustainability and to nature, they created and maintain a unique earthly paradise of perfume and colours, just a short distant from the noise of the city. Their aim is to share their dreamy paradise with those who have the same sensibility.

La Tacita is passion and professionality

Monica Indaco, responsible for events and weddings, and her staff welcomes you at La Tacita with passion and professionality. The Italian passion which is shown in the hospitality, the welcoming, the warmth, the attention to details, the organization and setting of each event. La Tacita is not only an enchanting place but a large Italian family, welcoming you and your guests as in their own home.

La Tacita is myth and tradition

La Tacita was established originally as an organic farm. The name Tacita (=tacit, silent) evokes the pagan divinity Sabina Vacuna, patron of rest after labour on the land, and divine protectress of fertility and contemplation. The Goddess was named La Tacita by the philosopher Plutarco, due to her silent ways. Still today, this area of Sabina is noted for the abundance of the harvest, the pleasant climate and the tranquility of the landscape.

La Tacita is genuineness and tastes

La Tacita estate grows more that 7000 olive oil trees that produces the precious Sabina extra virgin olive oil Olea, while the vineyard with white and red grapes is reserved for the production of two wines: red Rubigo (made of Cesanese and Sangiovese grapes ) and white Ebrium (made of Malvasia del Lazio and Verdicchio grapes). A plot is dedicated to black truffle growing (latin Tuber Aestivum or in Italian scorzone) to protect them from the many greedy wild boars. In the estate live together cows, chickens and deers which makes this venue a little paradise.

Tenuta La Tacita Villa per cerimonie Roma
Tenuta La Tacita Roseto Vacunae Rosae

La Tacita is the perfection of the rose

The rose garden Vacunae Rosae is the romantic heart and the pride of La Tacita estate, unique in design and on of the largest in variety and rarity of its vegetation and essences. The rose garden was designed as a spiritual walk through the “Queen of flowers” and evocative waterways, a path where colors and scents are the background. It is one of the most important rose gardens in the world for its variety and amplitude (with more than 3000 types of roses) and unique in the world for the conception of its design plant. offers a historic, cultural and artistic trip into the rose world with over 130 different areas. In each area there is a homogeneous group of roses: for botanical development, history, geography, color or perfume, without forgetting the most important hybridizers.

La Tacita is sustainability and environment-friendly

In La Tacita respect for nature is put into practice, as for example in the installation of a phytoremediation system, with Lauroceraso shrubs and Erianthus canes, and the use of biodegradable mulch. Furthermore the natural cycle of nature is fully respected and the use of chemical products rejected. The carbon footprint aspects of La Tacita are very important and the owners have been investing in planting hundreds and hundreds of trees to balance the carbon emission of the buildings and the people visiting the estate.

Many people talk about this friendly location, represented by the symbols of Triskele (which represents the cycle and the movement). La Tacita is more than an oasis of peace in Sabina, it is an unique location where to held special events, at a short distance from Rome.

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